Green Doug Fir

AIFP Service

AIFP buys in large volumes to meet specific tally requests. Straight-lengths, specified tallies, cars or trucks – nobody does it better.

We utilize West Coast origin reloads and destination reloads throughout the West to best serve our customers. We can meet just-in-time needs in truckload or carload quantities.

Custom Trims

We have exclusive access to a manufacturing facility with unit and trim saws to custom-fit your specific trim needs.

Custom Pricing Solutions

Using creative pricing solutions, we mitigate your risk of inventory management and custom-fit your pricing needs.

  • 2x4 & Wider
  • Standard Lengths 8-20’
  • Long Lengths
  • 4x4 thru 4x12
  • 6x6 thru 6x12

  • Studs
  • Custom Trims
  • Straight-length & Mixed Tallies
  • Treated Products
  • Chain of Custody (COC) for SFI & FSC Certifications

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