Dry Doug Fir

AIFP Service

We structure purchases to coincide with mill production schedules. This allows us to manage tallies to meet customer needs.

Attention to Detail

Volume purchases and specialized tallies require planning and attention to details. AIFP earns the loyalty of our suppliers and customers by getting it right.

Custom Trims

We have exclusive access to a manufacturing facility with unit and trim saws to custom-fit your specific trim needs.

Custom Pricing Solutions

Using creative pricing solutions, we mitigate your risk of inventory management and custom-fit your pricing needs.

  • S-Dry or Kiln-Dried
  • 2x4 & Wider
  • Standard Lengths 8-20'
  • PET & DET

  • Custom Trims
  • Finger-jointed
  • Machine Stress Rated (MSR)
  • Chain of Custody (COC) for SFI & FSC Certifications

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